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Gemini Daily Horoscope for December 30

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The key today is to bring out your most childish and adorable Gemini spirit; bringing up the inner child that all natives born under Mercury's watch have inside will be a great step towards challenging the depression, sadness and nostalgia invading you today.

There's some pending conversations you need to take care of, some unescapable duties that demand your work, and certain uncomfortable situations that just want you around. None of them can disturb your efforts towards being happy today.

Open up to a world full of sensations that you can perceive with your senses. A nice piece of music, a soft touch of skin, a delicious meal or an enticing smell could bring you back to life.

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Being stubborn is not too good for you today, Geminis; it'll be a barrier against your aspirations and ambitions, because you just keep making some mistakes that have already been proven to be the wrong road towards success.

Assuming that you don't have the right point of view isn't easy, because it means having to revise everything you thought was true up to now, which you defended with such might. But passion cannot be the element to cloud your mind, because all the potential to do something big and go far depends on this.

Your financial health, your operations, your job and business depend ultimately on you being able to change the course as quickly and swiftly as the current situation demands. Otherwise, the losses will just keep coming in faster.


If your soul suffers, your body will pay, and your health could seriously break if you don't gain control of your mind over your body once and for all. Particularly, the anxiety induced by divorce or cheating are the main threats against your health.

It's quite usual for natives of your sign, Geminis. The unfolding of events around you affects you in a very particular way, and it bulks up within your stomach through nerves by making you lose appetite and fall prey to certain addictions that worsen your physical state.

Control temptation and force yourselves to become disciplined as soon as you can to keep up healthy habits. Try hard to keep up a lighter mood and see your future under a brighter light.

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