Gemini Daily Horoscope for January 30

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You might feel too lonely. You miss having someone beside you to comfort you and hold you in the harshest of times.

To do that, you need to open up a little more and start socialising with new people. That's why you shouldn't think twice every time someone you know invites you to a party.

Don't think you won't find the right kind of person in the most unexpected of places. Even though you're very comfortable with sporadic relationships right now, you know your life needs a bit more stability, and that's why you're looking for everlasting love that gives you so much more.

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You're awfully tired of bearing with your managers and workmates, so you're thinking of starting up your own business adventure. You're considering setting into motion an idea you'd been thinking of for a while with the money you've saved up.

You know it's a really risky bet, but stars will be on your side so that you've got everything you need. It might be hard to get going at the beginning, but as days go by, you'll see your client base getting larger.

There's no doubt that this is the exact time to invest part of your savings, because you'll manage to get an important fund return over time.


Whenever you join the gym you start strong, but as days go by you end up throwing the towel. You need to be a bit more persistent when trying to exercise.

If it's too boring for you, you can always convince a friend to come along, but it'll do you good to try other open-air, outdoors activities that will keep you really active.

However, try to adapt the intensity of the exercises to your current physical state; otherwise, you could end up injured or in very uncomfortable pain.