Gemini Daily Horoscope |




Your partner appears and disappears from your life too easily. Your relationship is too open. You’re both very independent. Maybe you’re looking for a totally different relationship, which allows you to achieve stability.

The natives of this sign who are single will crash against a wall. The person you like so much will be hard to talk to, so they won’t make things easy for you. In view of this, you’ll react in an unsuitable way, which can end up clouding your relationship.

You always end up falling in love with the least suitable person. Someone who really loves you isn’t going to make so much trouble for you or demand the efforts they demand.

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Do you have some money saved in your piggy bank? Gemini, you may have to face an unforeseen event such as buying a new appliance or replace a tire that has just been punctured.

You’ll regret your bad luck because this happens to everyone. As you can see, this type of mishaps always arrives at the worst possible moment.

Otherwise, you won’t have to worry too much. At work, you’ll continue with your improvements, learning more and more and especially feeling important in your boss’ plans. The family budget will remain unchanged except for the aforementioned setback.


You are more and more motivated to achieve all your health goals. There will be many people who’ll make it hard because when you’re on a diet, there’s always someone buying cakes or inviting you to dinner.

It’s about having a little bit of will power. Replace sweets with other foods, such as vegetables and postpone any kind of social event for another day.

You’re waiting for a check-up, but it seems that everything is delayed more than necessary. That’s a good sign, it means that nothing serious is actually wrong, so you can breathe easy.

You’ll feel a bit weak, so avoid any kind of physical effort.