Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




You’re always listening to everything others have to say and that’s causing you certain insecurity, especially when it comes to interacting with other people.

Why don’t you just enjoy life without making everything too complicated? There are many people who can give you many things, especially when they want what’s best for you, but many others are just trying to destabilise you.

Make the most of this great position the stars are offering you to sort out your differences with a person from the past. A simple argument, something unimportant, has been creating distance little by little and now you would like to go back to your relationship. Don’t hesitate and start dialling their number. You have many things to say.


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Your finances don’t add up and it may be due to an excess of confidence. You thought that you’d receive money that never came and now you’re a bit stretched. You should start using your calculator and being more proactive with certain payments.

Gemini, you should bear in mind that sometimes you not only depend on you, as other factors also play their part. When you receive an inheritance or a donation, you should also think you have to pay taxes.

Follow the steps of a relative and try to adapt your expenses to your income. You’ve allowed yourself too much lately and now you have nothing left to get stuff from the supermarket.


Many people find it hard to keep up with your pace. You get to the weekend with lots of energy. Of course, run away from those toxic people who always talk about diseases and misfortunes, they’re only going to make you feel depressed.

Right now you’re feeling better than ever and you spread it to your relatives. The weather also has a lot to do with your mood. You’re always very grateful for the sunshine.

As for personal care, using creams and perfumes will make you feel much better. You‘ll feel healthier on the outside and inside.