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The stars of the Magic Horoscope bless you with a very quiet Monday regarding love. Serenity will prevail throughout the day Gemini.

You’ll have the impression that you have to slow down with your partner so you don’t crash and cause an accident. You’re clear about your feelings and you’re still dreaming of the person who’s your travel companion right now, who awakens your overflowing passions. Take stock if you want, you will end up convinced of what you already knew.

As a single, the stars highlight a pleasant day regarding your emotions, with a fun and charming mood. That same comic air can enable a few looks that end up becoming something more.

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Today you’ll sign something that’s very important for your future, as it’s a project that will last for a long time.

You can relax, nobody will try to rip you off (but anyway, reviewing the contracts you have to sign and asking what you don’t know or aren’t sure about never hurts).

The sentimental value of some objects that until now decorated your house disappears. You realise that true feelings inhabit the heart, not things, and you’ll decide to sell what you no longer use to have a bit more cash today. In a way, you consider this as a sign that you’ve matured, although nostalgia can also make you drunk, Gemini.


Take more care of your liver. This is what the stars tell you at the beginning of the week. If you don’t, you’ll feel unusually tired, even if you weren’t so active today.

Some signs tell you that it’s time to restore your health Gemini. Diet for a bit as a preventive measure: this won’t harm you. Buy good seasonal products and cook light dishes and don’t be too greedy.

A good diet is one of the pillars to feel good about yourself (and to feel a little more attractive for future holidays).