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Protecting yourselves against certain feelings doesn't mean you're taking a step back or giving up on a day full of experiences; it means that you're facing it with enthusiasm, but at the same time you make sure you're emotionally complete enough to give others the best version of your renewed selves.

For instance, you can try to put into practice everything you've learned about yourselves this year, and the improvements you've made spiritually. You're brand new individuals, with plenty to give, and today is the best day to show it.

However, the current star arrangement places you on the end of the sensitivity spectrum, and this could be a dangerous obstacle that might overwhelm you. Put up some emotional barriers to avoid suffering too much.

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Showing your most generous, humblest side doesn't only come in the form of gifts and material goods, Geminis; nor should a special evening revolve around luxury and cash-splashing. A lack of control in that sense might make you start 2019 on the wrong foot because of your poor thinking.

Try to keep things in balance. If you organise your day well and stay reasonable with your spending, you'll come out on top with a plan that's both financially wise and fancy, and you'll learn that showing off is only important when the content is important as well. You should live life with your loved ones.

It's time to stop for a minute and look back, take an in-depth analysis of what you've done so far, and what can be improved in the incoming year. Close your eyes, make a wish, and dream that you'll see it come true.


It's quite important for you, Geminis, to assess some health issues that you didn't quite nip in the bud, and other areas that have improved indeed, with the sole goal of entering 2019 with brand-new resolutions.

This is not just about making promises out of the blue, Geminis. If you set the goal of exercising more or quitting smoking just because, at a far-off scope and no real willpower behind it, you're not really trying to improve your health. Try to find minor achievable goals.

This year has been especially hard to deal with regarding your nerves and stomach issues, so now you have some important challenges to face from today onwards.