Gemini Daily Horoscope |




With Mercury dominating your sky, you’ll try to escape from any scene of conflict. All you want is a day full of peace and harmony. Every week, as you spend less time with your partner, they seem to find more reasons to get angry with you.

Sometimes it’s hard for you to earn their love. It seems that they have a heart of stone, which lacks feelings. Right now, you think winning their heart back every day is a challenge.

You know from experience that not everything can be fixed with kisses and affection, beautiful words can often soften that heart.

Singles will try again with someone from the past. It’s a temporary relationship, where the only thing you’re looking for is some sex, rather than feelings.

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Prepare for a happy ending. You thought you’d lost some money that you had entrusted to a friend, but after so long, they’ve remembered and they have given it back to you. Although it wasn’t a very big amount, it’ll be good to improve your delicate financial situation.

Gemini,you won’t have to live with so many troubles and you can even buy a product that you needed for your house and that you had wanted for a while.

You want to organize an important event, such as a wedding or a birthday party, but you think that the budget can get out of hand if you invite many people. It’s as easy as making it intimate, with only the people you really love, even if one of your friends gets really angry.


It’s possible that due to the high load of tasks that you have pending, at some point, you’ll feel blocked. Your head does everything it can to think, but it can’t give you any answers.

Try to avoid negative thoughts from taking over you. It’s a bad patch that doesn’t matter. Don’t think that you’re inferior to others.

To improve the state of your memory, you can try to do some exercises, such as remembering names or repeating everything you read out loud so that you can remember the information.