Gemini Daily Horoscope |




That enigmatic attitude you have on certain occasions makes you a total stranger to many people. That may play to your advantage when it comes to approaching certain people who try to find out what you’re hiding.

At the moment you miss a person from the past and nostalgia will take hold of you. You don’t need to get rid of old photos or gifts, you just have to move on.

You can’t stay at home waiting for someone to call you to go out. You have to have a little more initiative.If you really like someone, don’t miss the chance of inviting them to the cinema. The later you do it, the harder it’ll be to do it.

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You have to abandon the idea that a stable job and an orderly family is what will bring you happiness in life. With little money, you’ll be able to live well and travel a lot.

Gemini, you may not want any load on your shoulders right now.You want to be free to do what you like the most and you’ll hardly have important needs. You want to get rid of your mobile phone and everything that involves unnecessary expenses.

You’ll discover that there are new ways of earning a living with no need for money, such as exchanging food with your neighbours or making the most of everything that nature provides.


Humour can heal some wounds that can’t be cured with medicine. When you meet your loved ones, you’ll remember old times and anecdotes of when you were a child.

It’s important that you keep busy with positive things during bad times. Try to sign up for activities that are to your liking. It doesn’t matter if they are sports or cultural activities. Why don’t you organise to go jogging or to the pool with a friend? You’ll end up full of energy and eager to return the next day.

If you live alone, it’s possible that you feel too lonely when you get home in the evening. That's one of the reasons why you spend so much time away from home.