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The influence of the moon will make your heart turn into iron. You are unable to express your feelings clearly, which makes you look like a selfish person who only cares about your own interests.

Today you’ll see everything in a very negative way, possibly due to the disappointment you feel about a loved one’s behaviour, who’ll knock you off your feet with hurtful words. You’ll manage to ruin a day that started off as a pleasant one.

You often think that your love life depends on others, but you have to change the way you think as soon as possible. You and the person you’re with are the only two people who have any power over your relationship. Everything else occupies a secondary place and you shouldn’t pay attention.


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It’ll be a very productive day for the Gemini who work with a Virgo. Everything that had been hard to achieve to date will become easy thanks to your good work. You’ll even receive a pat on the back from your boss, but you find that that isn’t enough. You need other ways of praise, such as an improvement in working conditions.

You might be more comfortable working as part of a team from now on, especially if you work with people who get involved who do their best to lend a hand to others.

When you participate in a draw or gamble you’ll be able to control yourself and you won’t spend more than you had budgeted. It’s also important to curb the situation when you’re unable to turn it around.


Many people in your environment might opt for plastic surgery to look younger, but you’re very happy with the way you look. You think that in order to look your best, you need to lead a more peaceful life, without stress or worries.

Almost everyone thinks that you are younger than you actually are and that’s a compliment to you. You also don’t want to put your health at risk either.

Be very careful when you go to the beach to sunbathe, especially because your skin can suffer when you spend too much time in the sun.