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It's not okay to toy with the feelings of two people at once. You need to end this double life once and for all, because sooner or later you'll get caught and lose both of your dates.

You're delighted about having several people paying attention to you. You've always been the ones to brag about being honest to everyone, but things can't go this way.

Perhaps it's time to have a steady relationship. You can't go on any longer bearing casual relationships that lead nowhere. Make sure everyone knows what you want and what you're looking for so that no one will be misled.


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You might not be going through your best financial times. The money you make is barely enough to live, and you've even considered having other jobs in your free time.

It's not a matter of getting overwhelmed either; you can ask a relative to loan you some money and promise to give it back in a short while. It's true that you're also looking out for a business you've been managing for a while, which could give you some extra benefits at any given point.

You know that all you can do right now is squeeze your money a little bit, and forget about your social life for a while, aside from certain purchases you wanted to make.


You go overboard with food more and more every time. That anxiety you feel every time you sit for lunch might be due to some background issue. Try to work it out as soon as you can.

You also need to consider that you barely have any willpower, because today you'll start on a diet but you know from experience that you'll give it up in just a few days' time. You just have to walk in front of a bakery to end up falling prey to your sweet tooth and buy a pastry or a cupcake.

It might be real good if you could find an alternative to fatty, sugary foods, such as nuts or fruit.