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You need to get hopeful and excited about life again as soon as possible, and you'll only do that if you forget all romantic disappointments, betrayal and failure once and for all. You've got so much light inside you, you just need to bring it out to make it shine and blind everyone else.

Admitting that you have that tremendous power inside you is the first step to overcome your personal standstill hell. You need to get into mental and spiritual fortress mode from a mature, confident point of view.

According to the stars' prediction, your friends' words and actions could harm you and get into your soul like a sword stabbing your heart. Create a protective armour around you and be more condescending towards others. If you're compassionate and learn to ignore or forgive, you'll be living life on a pleasant, balanced scale.

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Chasing after winning stereotypes is a good idea: imitating traits bound for success, perfecting your skills by looking at successful role models, copying good attitudes and ruling out foul procedures. You should learn from humility.

However, this will only make sense if you also consider the chances for failure. Admitting to your mistakes has taught you to accept not only success but also failure, and if you don't use this lesson for the future, you might fall into frustrating disappointment once again.

Try to be a winner, but don't idealise them. Failure is part of life, Geminis.


Aging in Geminis is influencing your awareness very directly. Now's the time to put into practice some revitalising remedies, not only aesthetically, but also health-wise.

Did you know that there are very simple tricks that could make your skin look livelier? Keeping your skin hydrated is the best solution, and you can use moisturising creams for that, but you can boost their effects with facials based on coconut cream and rosemary water tonic.

In order to check your body, it wouldn't be too bad an idea to do some analysis to see how your joints or sugar levels are doing. You should be very aware that your body's deterioration mostly comes from oxidation, so it'll do you wonders if you eat anti-oxidant foods.