Gemini Daily Horoscope |



If you're in a relationship, you should be more trusting of your partner. There's no reasons for you to think they've cheated. There might have been some arguments here and there over the last few days, but it isn't a matter of growing distant either.

You're not much better off bringing the past up again anyway. All you'll do is make the relationship even more unstable. Have you thought about preparing a romantic evening or a special trip somewhere they won't forget? You need to keep the sparks of love alive even if you've been together for a long time.

If you're single, you won't be running short of suitors today. You've got a magnet to attract the most eligible bachelors and ladies. Still, try to be a little more selective and don't settle for the first person who steps into your life.


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As the week begins, you've set some changes in your upcoming schedule. You've arranged to move homes, make a family or change jobs. Any of these new events could affect your finances, but your mind is completely set up on it. No one will be able to take any of these ideas off your mind.

At some point you might feel dizzy, but as you complete the process you'll start reaping in the rewards.

You know that there's no chances to succeed if you don't take risks, and that will affect your savings.


You might brag about having good health, but sometimes you should control your impulses better and not let go with your strong, angry outbursts.

Before you answer rudely or get mad at anyone, you're better off taking a deep breath and counting to ten. You can't take any more pressure with everything you've still got going on.

When this happens, you can't find comfort in drinking, but it's also a bad idea to keep your thoughts and issues in, because you could burst out at any given time and make someone innocent pay for your deeds.

Follow a friend's advice and practice some relaxing exercises through yoga. Just by giving it a few minutes of your morning, it'll be enough.