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After a while with your partner, you think it’s very difficult for your paths to separate despite the continuous arguments. But if you think about it carefully, you’ll realise that it may be best for both of you.

You see that over the last few months, your coexistence at home has deteriorated and the options of recovering happiness are scarce. They’re not really your soul mate.

At this point, coming to terms with the change can be a bit complicated, but you won’t have problems meeting new people and even falling in love. People’s comments might hurt you. They don’t understand the decision you’ve made.

If you’ve ever hurt your partner you won’t mind apologising and keep being friends.


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Gemini, there are certain issues that have been stuck for a few months due to lack of time or even due to problems in the procedures. Instead of risking starting a new business, perhaps it would be more convenient for you to buy a working business that has a portfolio of clients you can benefit from.

Right now you can rely on some friends who can become your best partners. If everyone can contribute their knowledge, you can become a company with many possibilities of success.

Learning languages can open many doors, so don’t hesitate to sign up for a language course. You’ve been rejected for a job because you don’t have the necessary knowledge on more than one occasion.


The Internet can be a great source of information, but you make a serious mistake if you look for the reasons for your illness on some website after going to the doctor. You can get very scared and the only thing you’ll achieve is getting worried unnecessarily.

In the event that you aren’t completely convinced with the diagnosis of the first doctor, you always have the possibility of seeing another professional in search of a second opinion. In any case, there’s no reason to worry and your pain will go away faster than you think.