Gemini Magic Horoscope 5
Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’re too insistent, Gemini, when not annoying. You want things to go as you’ve planned in your head and you can force your partner or your family to bend to your desires just to rise as a winner.

The problem? The result might not be within your expectations, which could fill you with frustration, thus tearing apart the harmony that was reigning at your home.

Today’s astral atmosphere allows you to bring your feelings to light and embrace communication, but always by mutual agreement. Dictatorships have to be something of the past Gemini.

Among the unmarried, some disappointments will be appeased with gentleness, benevolence and understanding. You won’t shed another tear for those who don’t want to accept your love.


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You know that doing things with enough time can allow you to save a lot of money. You can start planning next summer’s holiday (or Christmas, whichever is closer) to get some interesting discounts.

You can find some friends who share your interests. If you share a table on the train or look for an apartment for everyone, you can find better prices.

You’ll hunt everywhere for offers and discounts today. If you have to fill the fridge with food, you can fill your trolley for less than usual. You’re on fire, Gemini!


You’ll have a somewhat nostalgic vision of your well-being Gemini. You realise that, over the years, there are some activities that you were passionate about in the past and that today you can’t do because your fitness has changed.

However, you’ll end up accepting the passing of the years and you’ll see that each stage of life has its good things and its bad things, but that it’s much more effective to focus only on the good ones.

If you want to strengthen your legs or eliminate some imperfections, you can do some exercises. Your muscles receive good energy from the stars to look smooth and strong.