Gemini Daily Horoscope for September 4

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If you’re in a distance relationship that is starting to overwhelm you in a special way, Venus tells you that you’ll be ready to take the first train or plane you can and join your loved one. Today you want to see and touch them, kiss their lips without anyone stopping you.

And you’ll wake up generous and dedicated to making others happy, although you have so many ideas that you don’t know where to start to please.

You’ll know how to escape from cold and distant personalities, energy vampires who always tell you that the glass is half empty and who don’t see that it’s also half full.

Some will have to assume the role of mediator in a conflict between other couples who are arguing, but your good aura will allow love to reign again.

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You have a thousand things in your head and sometimes you don’t know if you have done some paperwork related to money or business, or if you have only thought about it a lot.

You’ll then have to tidy up your calendar, think about what you’ve done on previous days and ultimately get back on your path if you’re lost.

Today social media can show you work opportunities. Some are exclusively for professionals and you could make good contacts that are useful in the near future.

Meanwhile, calmly manage your budget and don’t waste on unnecessary purchases, as this is your weakness.


You know that you have to have a balanced diet, so try to vary pleasures and good ingredients when you cook. Control your amounts: you won’t starve, don’t worry about that. Make sure you get all the nutrients you need.

The stars invite you to discard fatty, very salty or excessively sweet dishes so that digesting these foods isn’t difficult (and by the way, you’ll avoid being overweight, Gemini).

Today you’ll feel very domestic, you’ll want to stay at home because you have a thousand things to do and have fun with. A good option is to contemplate your bookshelf and travel through the novels that you haven’t read yet since it’s a way to escape.