Gemini Daily Horoscope |




This sky asks you to weigh the pros and cons before engaging in debates or fighting with your partner.

The stars insist: you have to think before acting to avoid mistakes, unnecessary conflicts and ending the day sleeping on the sofa instead of sharing a bed with your better half, who by the way, will be very belligerent and won’t let anything go.

Today you face obstacles with difficulty, you’ll have to solve them anyway with patience and looking for love inside your stomach, where you used to feel strong butterflies that now seem to be asleep.

To the singles, the stars have to point out how it makes no sense to go faster than your heart. It’s with moderation that you’ll be completely effective.

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The Magic Horoscope, and especially the planet Mercury, pushes you to look at your finances seriously: it’s time to react to a specific material situation that disturbs you and that is why you prefer to avoid it.

Concentrate on and address the issue properly. You can ask for advice before making an important decision to make this opportunity as profitable as possible for you, but the important thing is that it takes you no more time to do something about it. You have to hit the pause button now.

Your unbridled and jovial attitude won’t be very appropriate to keep your benefits safe. So you’ll spend the money you’ve saved a little at a time without realising it and one day there will be nothing left.


Your mental energy is inexhaustible today, where you’ll have many interests: it’ll be difficult to decide on which activity to focus, and you run in all directions in search of pleasure and enriching experiences for your body and your soul.

But multiplying your presence in a thousand and one events can achieve sterile results: you have sown a field in which all the trees have fallen and can’t bear fruit.

Don’t hesitate to assess your weaknesses to understand the seriousness of the situation by looking at the bigger picture. You might manage to neutralise some negative effects for your health, Gemini.