Gemini Daily Horoscope |



A crisis in your relationship? No way, it's just an argument or some different points of view to face a certain situation. Don't give it more relevance than it should have, it happens to everyone.

No matter how much you try, you can't always make the other person happy. However, your love story isn't in danger.

While this is going on, you can find solace in your long-time friends. They've always been there and you can count on their help for these delicate times. They're always willing to share their opinion so that you can assess it and make a final decision.


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You feel slightly unappreciated at work. After having been around the office for a while, no one's talked to you about a raise or just to cheer you up. Despite the commitment you've shown in the last few months, that comes as a slight shock to you.

You're at a downtime because it seems like nothing that you do ever works. You can't be in that much despair when investing. Remember that the low stocks of today could skyrocket at any minute. It might not be the best day to get rid of them.

Try to have some money in your wallet, because you will probably have to make a big purchase; although you could also use your credit card to avoid having that much cash on you.


Although your day begins with plenty of energy, as time goes by you lose your drive. There's an explanation to all of this. You can't sleep enough at night, and after noon you start running out of energy. You can't act effectively because of your accumulated exhaustion.

This will make you completely turn around your thinking, and from now on you'll go to bed much earlier. Still, have a span of at least 2 hours from dinner until bedtime.