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The keywords for your relationship to become less complicated and more deep are sharing, love, respect and conversation. And you should do that for the sake of your couple, so that your relationship is lasting and fruitful.

Only then will you also manage to transform love into a rewarding experience that breaks the barriers of physical attraction and primal needs.

Besides, Geminis, today you'll have a lot of positive excess inside that needs an outlet, and you'll have to guide those around you towards optimism and liveliness.


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You can make your business seriously profitable if you focus on what you're good at, and if you focus all your energy into developing the skills that have taken you to where you're standing. You don't have to stop exploring other areas, but right now, being dispersed could be an energy drainer.

Priorities today revolve around your financial balance, because certain unexpected difficulties are forcing you to set your numbers straight. You'll realise that, despite the somehow comfortable stage your finances have reached, there's still some things to look at.

There's payments you can't delay and debts to pay off, but at the same time you need to make some budget cuts and get rid of unnecessary expenses. As hard as it seems to be, you'll be thankful for this over time.


The willingness to try and taste new things clashes against the not-so-optimistic forecast from the stars. They advise you to be a little more cautious and take the road of responsibility and restraint. You'll have time to let go, but now that's not your wisest choice.

A life with too much exposure to excess could have nasty consequences and bring you back to some activities you left behind, which didn't do any good on you. Learn to have fun while still keeping up your mental and physical health, and you'll be happier.

There's people around you who can do great things for you. They're enriching your life experience, and perfectly fit into your evolution. However, others are lurking in the dark and trying to lure you in...