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Nobody can control your heart. Many suitors will arise, but no one will awaken the flame of love that you have inside.

It is also true that you’re perfectly comfortable alone, without depending on anyone and doing everything that your body asks of you all the time. Sometimes you suspect that love isn’t made for you, but you shouldn’t close the doors in this obvious way.

With a little patience, someone will come to your life and make you see things a different way. You’ll find a person that will change your life. But you have to start from scratch and completely forget everything that happened in the past. The sooner you move on, the better.

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Because you’re used to working as a team, you’ll see how now you have to start your own business alone, without the help of anyone.

It’ll be a good opportunity to show people how much you’re worth. You’ve been relegated to secondary positions for a long time, but now you have no excuses to develop your skills.

Gemini, you made important investments at some point and no one was willing to help you. You only needed a little money and it was very important for you, but everyone disappeared from your life. It’s possible that many fake people approach you now that you start to reap the rewards. You’ll close the doors, however.


Pay close attention if you have to go on a long trip. Driving for many hours can cause tiredness and your eyes might close at times. Before any symptom of exhaustion, what you should do is stop and walk a bit to clear your mind.

If necessary, drink a couple of coffees and water very often to recover from the effort. Try to have someone accompany you on the trip so you can chat with someone.

Don’t insist on taking miraculous products that advertised on television. What you need to do to improve your health is have a balanced diet, where fruits, vegetables and legumes are the main things you eat, as well as exercising with a certain intensity every day. Those are the keys you have to try to memorise.