Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Now's the time when you're starting to realise how important your partner is to you. When they're not around, you miss them dearly, and you need their opinion for every single choice you make.

You're so involved with one another, you're even starting to think about moving in together or having a family of your own. It's a very thought-out decision you're considering to tell your partner because your relationship is sailing smoothly.

Besides, you've got the back-up of your closest relatives, who see your partner as the right person to take care of you for the rest of your life. You're very excited about this new stage in your pathway.


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You'll have a good day at work because you'll be able to differentiate what's relevant and what isn't. You're starting to get your managers' acknowledgement; they see you as highly valid and resourceful individuals.

Although you'll have great financial stability and won't be in too much of a pinch financially, you shouldn't neglect money saving. Anything you add up into your account will always be there when you actually need it.

Anyway, there's no obstacles that stop you from buying something on a whim. You've been chasing after a valuable item for a while, such as a piece of jewelry or a trip, and now you can afford it without your wallet or bank account paying too high a price.


You spend hours on end at work and need to unplug from it in some way. Instead of locking yourselves up at home, go for a walk and socialise with more people that aren't around your office every day.

You might feel a little weak sometimes, but it's quite normal when you neglect your diet. You don't respect meal times, and sometimes you eat whatever you can snatch from your storage without even thinking about how harmful it can be to your health.

Remember that you should also go see your doctor to get a regular check-up.