Gemini Daily Horoscope for May 5

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No matter how bad your relationship is with a former partner, you can never give up on them forever. You may need them for something out of interest at any time, hence the importance of ending relationships in good terms.

Those who are in a serious relationship are overwhelmed too easily, especially because they believe that they should make their partner fall in love every day. You aren’t entirely wrong, but from time to time, you should also spend some time apart to enjoy being with other people, without the need for you to depend on each other.

Many people see you as the perfect couple, so do everything you can to keep it that way for a long time.


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Problems are approaching in your career, but you’ll be able to face them thanks to your experience and talent. You’ll be able to do anything anyone asks you to do without problems.

Unlike other colleagues, you never criticise anyone and you’ll do your job the best possible way you can silently.

Gemini, you’re worried about a small financial slump that will just be a simple scare. You’re waiting to receive some money you lent someone and they have to pay back. Once they do, you’ll be more relieved.

This situation will make you have to delay a purchase you had planned for a few days. It’s about something related to leisure and sports, so it doesn’t worry you that much either.


You’re already worried about trying to fit in your bikini. You know that the sooner you start, the better results you’ll get.  This will involve leaving aside certain foods that you used to overeat and that led you to gain weight.

But improving your diet won’t be enough since you’ll also have to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Going for a half-hour walk won’t be enough, a more intense and longer effort is required, such as running or cycling for at least an hour.

Try to adapt the activity to your physical fitness because if you don’t, you’ll get injured as soon as you start training.