Gemini Magic Horoscope 6
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Haste isn’t a good counselor, Geminiso you should be more careful when trying to find happiness in love.

Above all, go slowly if you have been with your partner for a short time and you’re already thinking about living together. You still a lot to build together, you don’t know each other as much as you say. You’re confusing the purest love with passion.

As a single, you’ll focus on looking for the most authentic side of life. You’re fed up with double standards, people who say one thing and do another other. You’ll do your best and you’ll always say the truth and if that upsets anyone... That’s their problem.

At one time you might have been obsessed with not being as good as others, you didn’t want to be a disappointment. Now you don’t care what others think or expect.


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Your passionate character will enable you to detect new market niches. If you want to find a new job, don’t be afraid to change sectors Gemini, make the most of the opportunities life offers you.

You’re a very sensible Gemini and you’ll meditate a lot on what to do and make the best decisions in matters of money. You’ll try to find new ways in which to feel fulfilled on a personal level, but without putting your finances or your family risk at risk, if they depend on you, Gemini.


Be responsible, don’t look the other way if you have a number of obligations to fulfill, especially if you have blood glucose or anxiety problems.

Your appetite will lead you to desire foods that your doctor has prohibited, but you’ll have to be strong. The stars will help you to control yourself Gemini.

You’ll be very bad patient, of course, in the event that the doctor has prescribed absolute rest to overcome an injury or an operation of any kind. Time will pass very slowly for you and you would sell your soul to the devil if that were possible, to recover in a heartbeat and you could go back to just having fun.