Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope



You don’t dare to ask your partner some things that concern you because you’re afraid that things will be different from tomorrow, that the established order will vary. But if you manage to show your heart just the way it is you’ll see how you win.

The key today is not to make efforts or use your power of conviction, but to use honesty with your better half.

Check your phone book and call a former lover or fun companion, whatever you prefer to call them. You’ll make the day more fun.

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Tidy up everything that affects the way you earn money: get rid of what doesn’t help you and introduce more activities that you like.

You need to find a better balance between your most authentic and primitive vocation and your current job. Even if you feel that there’s an abyss between the two, you’ll surely be able to turn your reality around to enjoy yourself more. Take the initiative more and don’t be a conformist at work today.

You can talk with your team or with your manager to see if things can be done differently or if you can move to an apartment that motivates you more. Talk openly about the distribution of missions, only through dialogue will the world change!


Stress is linked to the production of a hormone in the nervous system, but you can help regulate it with relaxation and breathing, two perfect tools to find balance and calm.

Stress management is very important, almost as much as eating or going to the bathroom regularly: this is the only way to ensure you’re feeling at your best. Try to have a positive visualization of life and look for new motivations.

With the help of Magic Horoscope, you’ll regain confidence in yourself and even improve some skills. Developing your new dynamism is a matter of time!

In this sense, try to sleep more and better: if you’re sleepy throughout the day you’ll see your work performance is affected and you’ll make more mistakes, Gemini.