Gemini Daily Horoscope for April 6

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Doubts take over your relationship, especially if you haven’t been with your partner for too long. Even if you feel something special towards that person, in the end, you’ll realise that it’s only physical attraction and sooner or later, what you have will end up breaking somewhere.

It’s a real pity that you fail to transfer that complicity you have in bed to the routine of your relationship. Making your partner happy in bed just isn’t enough.

You have increasingly independent lives and devoting more time to friends and family.

You still have time to fix it, but you need to know if the other person will also be able to get involved to save your relationship.


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Before doing any kind of paperwork or purchasing anything, you should stop to think a little. Don’t act on impulse or let bad advisers drag you down.

Start from scratch and settle the small debts you have with your loved ones. Although they are small amounts, once you pay the money back you’ll feel relieved.

But you’ll also get a clear conscience since nobody will be able to talk ill of you saying you don’t pay your debts.

You already know that money is hard to earn, so you’re not willing to waste it with useless purchases. Your point of view is changing a lot, Gemini.


You can’t be all day with a smile on your face. It’s logical that when you’re exhausted or when you have a problem you show your saddest side. Many people will show their interest in your health and you’ll have to explain what’s going on.

You’ll see that real life has little to do with films, where the protagonist’s story always ends with a happy ending.

You don’t always get what you want no matter how hard you try, and that causes great frustration.

Make the most of your closeness with someone from your circle of friends to tell them what’s going on. It’ll be good to let off steam and tell someone about your problems.