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The increase in sensitivity you're experiencing this week is not only going down; it reaches its peak this Sunday. Your emotions are running seriously high, and this evolves into a new stage as you pay close attention to the suffering of others around you.

The fact that you're more attentive towards your loved ones and people around you in this altered sensitivity state makes the suffering of others unbearable, and this could derive into depression and extreme despair.

That proves that you and your most human side are both alive, Geminis, but it wouldn't be too bad to create protective barriers to make sure you're emotionally stable.

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Obviously, your generosity is more alive than ever, and these days, it's not bad at all that you show your affection to others with gifts, or that you want to make your love more visible to the world helping people in need.

Financial help for your loved ones is good, but it's also a wise thing to do to admit that you can't be constantly helping others out. Your finances are stable now, but they're not skyrocketing either, and you need to be consistent about them.

Help others every time you can, but when it comes to money, be a little more mindful and try to limit wide-open generosity. You can always help your loved ones in different ways.


From now on, you'll see your health entering an upward trend stage, and if you've experienced health issues or complications derived from surgery, accidents or illnesses in the past, right now there's a vitality stage opening up.

Health and vitality will be more than acceptable, even if there's some minor health issues lying around, but be careful, because you're quite prone to experiencing health issues because of your sign.

It's important that you stick to a diet and start doing some training. Relax and take care of your health. Don't allow too much work to pile up on your shoulders.