Gemini Daily Horoscope for May 6

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Gemini, you feel so good when you’re free of pressure, with the possibility to externalise everything you think without anyone being hurt by your words. For a long time, you had to bite your tongue so that your words wouldn’t make your partner feel bad.

It seems that the situation has taken a radical turn and your partner begins to listen to you. You can’t stand as many impositions as before, where you played a secondary role in the relationship.

The planetary alignments will help you show yourself to others naturally, without letting the opinion of others affect you at any point.

Singles, meanwhile, feel that the first step is something others should take when it comes to love. Stop looking at your phone and your messages all the time and take the initiative once and for all.


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You start the week with a lot of enthusiasm, especially because you know that in a few days, you’ll finish a project that you had in progress and that lasted longer than it should have. Now you can see how the end approaches. Once you finish it, you’ll be able to relax and concentrate on other tasks.

You know that there are no tricks or magic wands that give you results from one day to the next. Before reaching success, you’ll have to fail many times previously, so be patient.

Settle your accounts and analyse the possibility of cutting costs. Even if you don’t have money problems, it’s always good to reduce your expenses and increase your savings.


If you’ve managed to rest properly during the weekend, it’s likely that you start the week with really good health. You’ll be able to fight off all the ailments that may arise.

Think of all the substances and habits that can harm you, and that you already consider a habit. Sleeping a two-hour nap, eating a couple of buns a day or even drinking a few beers is very harmful, but you think they’re normal.

You’ll try to stay away from arguments and conflicts that arise in your environment so you can relax.