Gemini Magic Horoscope 7
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Make the most of Sunday to do things with your loved ones. Take your partner to a picturesque place for a meal or go on a trip with your family around the nearby towns, where you’ll surely find great beauty that you don’t know about.

The day can be intense. You’ll end up tired at home, but with a smile on your face, that’s priceless. It will be a breath of fresh air that will allow you to go back to work with new energy. There are no wounds that love doesn’t heal Gemini.

Singles will be easily impressed and this can have negative consequences. You can confuse a game of passions with a more committed story, but that won’t happen as you’d like.

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Magic Horoscope tells you not to confuse kindness with cowardice. You’ll have to design new strategies so that your opinions are respected (when necessary).

And today you’ll meet people who don’t agree with your comments or your business proposals. There are things you could do better, but people will also try to throw away some of your ideas that are very valuable. Prepare your best weapons and spread the concepts you consider important, Gemini.

Disorder and confusion can foster creativity, contrary to what you think. Let yourself be guided by current trends towards beauty and harmony if you’re an artist, always contributing your point of view. Don’t try to imitate others.


It’s a perfect day to take care of your skin with new beauty treatments. Analyse what type of skin you have (oily, dry...) and what kind of products would suit you best.

Your eyes might be swollen, perhaps due to lack of sleep (or having cried a lot). You can put ice packs on your eyelids to help with the bags under your eyes. Easy and cheap.

It’s a perfect day to meet people who are useful for your well-being, especially if they are your same age or are as fit as you. They can be wonderful companions for the gym.