Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




You think romantic encounters, carnal passion and uncomplicated relationships are very important: your hormones seem to have panicked.

You’ll want to have a satisfying and active sex life, but you’ll have to discover what your own rhythm really is and not idealise anything in your head.

In relationships there’s often little time for intimate moments, especially if you have children: you’ll have to plan a romantic getaway today or in the worst case, go to a sex therapist to tell you how to manage your case.

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You have a good feeling about the path you’re taking, your sixth sense directs you to an easy and comfortable life in which you’ll be rich, not because you have a lot of money but because you don’t need so many things.

The sky favours you to talk about economy with people in a privileged environment, which could provide you with knowledge for a successful investment.

Today, the routine of job searching bothers you, but with a little humour, you can relax a bit more. Go to a professional counselor who can help you find out how to make your profile more attractive and how to sell your weaknesses in future interviews. In short, to teach you to please interviewers.


You’ll be good bait for mosquitoes and other insects that feed by biting animals and humans. Try to take a product to drive them away, and if not, prepare a good remedy to calm the itching!

Other than that, there’s nothing that especially affects Gemini: your health stays in the same line as the last few days and you can be happy about it.

Magic Horoscope points to additional benefits in contact sports, martial arts and similar disciplines. Do you know that karate improves not only coordination but also self-esteem and helps you be more peaceful?