Gemini Daily Horoscope |



It’ll be a very difficult day for couples. Today’s climate won’t be the most favourable for reconciliation or conquests.

Your relationship has been suffering constant wear and tear and you feel the distance between you increasing day by day.

You only have to see that even your most direct relatives will intervene to find a solution to the evils that bother you, but in the end, you’ll be the one in charge of your own decisions. If the other party isn’t willing to fix your relationship, your efforts will be of little use.

As complicated as you see it, you don’t need to use aspects of the past, which were already buried, to blame your partner about things Gemini.

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You’ve probably had a very intense week in terms of purchases. It’s the beginning of the month and you’ve already spent much of the money you had budgeted for July.

Now you’ll realise the enormous expenses you’ve had, so you’ll have to start saving every penny. The first thing will be to dodge the invitations of friends to go out to dinner. You’ll have to stay at home, especially since your wallet is practically empty. Your plans from now on will be cinema and television on the sofa at home.

It’s true that you don’t regret anything, especially because you’ve allowed yourself a few treats you needed and that’ll come in handy to make your life easier.


You spend many hours sitting, especially for work reasons. That means that in your free time, you should look for a hobby that allows you to be more active. Walking at least half an hour every day, at a fairly intense pace, will help improve the blood flow in your legs.

Try to avoid going exercise when the sun is most intense. It’s always better to go out to train early in the day or late afternoon when the heat can’t cause you so much damage.

Remember that you have to hydrate well by drinking several glasses of water or healthy drinks before, during and after exercising.