Gemini Daily Horoscope for June 7

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The strength of Jupiter in your sign will make you experience a very romantic stage. You’ll meet someone who’ll make you fall in love where you least expected it. This person will force you to leave everything behind for them.

Those who already have a partner will have to put up with the demands of their better half. They want more and more of you and they’re hardly ever grateful for your efforts. Even though you always try to be nice, you’ll end up bursting because you can’t take this situation any longer.

Gemini, avoid confrontations with your in-laws as much as you can. Controversial topics like politics or religion can make you look bad in front of them. Try to stay in the background, be discreet.


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The influence of the stars will lead you to collaborate with people of the other sex to carry out new projects. You’ll try to surround yourself with people you know well, with whom you’ve already worked in the past and who guarantee success. Right now you aren’t willing to take too many risks.

If you have to face an expensive bill or an unforeseen payment you’ll have the possibility of postponing or splitting the payment. It may be a high amount that would force you to use your savings.

You’ll have to suppress certain habits such as eating out or buying clothes for a few days. Your finances aren’t going through the best moment and right now it’s time to tighten your belt.


Today you suffer some pain in your neck, but as it’s something that’s so annoying you shouldn’t just trust anyone to help you fix the problem. Trust an experienced professional who knows how to treat you with guarantees. You’re now paying for the times you don’t sit in a correct posture or the times you’ve lifted to much weight.

Many people will give you advice on health, but nobody will have the amount of knowledge your doctor will. And if you have doubts about their diagnoses you can always request a second opinion from another doctor.

When it’s hard for you to go for a run or to the gym, you should meet up with a friend to exercise together and this way you won’t be able to back out.