Gemini Daily Horoscope for May 7

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Your personal charms make you a very attractive person for others, and not only in a physical sense. Your generous behaviour, your personality, and your can-do attitude make you a reference for many.

Make the most of that now to meet people and open your heart to someone. Most relationships that begin today will be ephemeral Gemini, just a few days long, but after some time, there’s the possibility to revisit them.

Those who’re already in a stable relationship should organise a romantic weekend for the near future, at a spa or a luxury hotel. It‘ll show your partner how much you love them. It’ll be a good time to get pregnant.


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Everything you train and study will open many doors for you in your career. If you stagnate, you’ll see how many people, especially the youngest ones, will end up getting promotions in your company.

It would be a good idea if you made the most of the option to do online courses after work. Your effort now will have its reward in the future.

Those who don’t have a job should continue to insist. There’s a company that offers a position that’s designed for you. You meet the requirements and the conditions are also very good. Get in touch with them. Remember that it’s better to insist than to go unnoticed. You don’t want to be just another candidate.


Gemini, you’re in a stage of great vitality, but this excess of activity can be counterproductive, especially because it’s quite probable that you end up in a stressful situation. You want to do many things and you get overwhelmed by the lack of time.

From time to time, it would be good if you talk with someone you trust to tell them about your problems. If you don’t find anyone, you can always choose to go to a professional. They’ll give you advice and guide you to follow your path with more guarantees.

It would be a very serious mistake to take refuge in alcohol or bad companies. You always have the last word when it comes to what’s best for you.