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Be sure to add intensity to your love story: passion in marital relationships is like a young child who needs to be fed every day to keep growing stronger.

Do some juggling with your timetables and try to surprise the person with whom you share your life. For example, meet them at work with flowers (or with a box of chocolates, if you prefer the sweetest gifts).

Singles will live tumultuous love today. You will wear your most elegant suit, you’ll make an effort to look good and you’ll do everything in your power to please and conquer the heart of that person you want to give all your love to.

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You have a lot of effort to do to have the good finances you’d like to have. You’ll have to entrust some matters to your lawyer or your manager, but supervise every step they take.

Mercury adds a dash of colour at work and Mars will also intensify your desire to go one step further than previously estimated.

Some Gemini natives have had emotional difficulties with co-workers, even with bosses, but all that is over today. Take the opportunity to start new conversations that will lead you to reconciliation, Gemini.


Regarding your health, the astral climate may create agitation that doesn’t favour concentration. If you have to study, you could end up with a headache that you didn’t have before you started.

Therefore, you should look for a haven of peace in a quiet room at home and do some meditation, so you can find some peace. That will be enough to help you feel more in control Gemini.

Be careful not to overdo some ailments that bother your day to day, take the time you need to relax. You’ll have to stop some aspects that can push you to live without taking your stress limits into account.

Remember that sleeping is a unique remedy to have more energy and stay fit Gemini.