Gemini Daily Horoscope for September 7

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You're in a construction phase and thanks to Magic Horoscope, your partner is protected from the evil that some envious, boring people want you to suffer.

Your travel companion feels your need for evolution and then offers you incredible projects. You won't think about it twice when you say yes to their proposals, although some make you so nervous you might feel like you're going to have a heart attack.

The most interesting thing is yet to come, so buckle up (especially if you're single because almost anything will be possible today).

At home, you'll have to pay attention to the elderly and give them all your love. Visit your parents or grandparents.

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You're looking for security regarding your finances. Today you might meet someone who can offer you what you dream of or who gives you the opportunity to take part in a project that exceeds all your fantasies.

In spite of that, the stars invite you to reflection so as not to fall for deception or count your chickens before they've hatched.

It's important that, in order to grow your money, you ask others for advice and ask many questions about how they've achieved success and what inconveniences they've faced. Be very curious!


Enjoy your excellent physical situation without using your energy abruptly, Gemini. Take this opportunity to support family members who need you and who'll remember your gesture when the time comes.

People who have reduced mobility, for example, and who can't go for a walk on their own early in the morning, when the birds are still singing.

Prioritise your interests, develop your hobbies and cultivate the arts that most fulfill your spirit. If you don't do the things you're passionate about, you run the risk of becoming irritable and unbalanced.