Gemini Daily Horoscope for April 8

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Don’t expect to hear good news at the beginning of the week. After a while with your partner, you’ll have to distance yourself from them for a few hours or days. It’s temporary, possibly for work reasons.

Gemini, you’ll try to get in touch with your partner on your phone or the internet at all hours, but don’t make the mistake of overwhelming them with constant messages at all times of the day. Disconnecting a bit from the other person will also be good for you to realise how much they mean to you. You’ve found your soul mate.

There’ll be a lack of chemistry with your closest family members and the pending conflicts will remain unresolved. Nobody seems willing to give in. You already know that when there’s money involved everything gets harder.


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Your savings are still stagnant. No matter how hard you try, you can’t increase the money in your account. There are two basic reasons that can explain this. You earn little money or you spend more than you should. In your case, what’s the problem?

Keep having a low profile at work. Discreet people, who try to go unnoticed, manage to go further. Especially today, where there are so many arguments with unhappy employees.

The latest developments in the company have made most of the employees quite angry. You’re not going through your best moment either, but you’re not thinking of jeopardizing your job. You won’t pay attention to the advice others give you either. You prefer to go your own way.


The stars will charge you with positive energy that’ll make you invincible. You come from a very relaxed weekend, which you took advantage of to make up for lack of sleep.

It’ll be a good day, making the most of your energy, to fix everything that needs fixing at home or move the furniture around. It’ll be very simple for you.

By staying active and making your mind busy, there’s no risk of boredom. You’ll be so involved in certain tasks that you’ll forget about your phone and social media for a while, something that’ll be great to help you rest your eyes.