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Naughty desires hit your single Gemini chest: your gaze has a magical magnetism that melts the hearts around it, even if they’re made of the coldest ice.

This is a promising day because the stars of Magic Horoscope support you in your most passionate appetites. You’ll be able to organise the opportunities you’ve been dreaming about. Nothing will escape your power!

You need to meet new people of course, if you expect any surprises in life. Novelties will be rewarded and the universe will guide you in that regard.

As a couple, your feelings should enrich and update your relationship. You see how the day offers you new experiences and how your partner can adapt to them.

Changes in love will not always be welcome unfortunately, Gemini, but there will be no choice but to adapt!


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The Sun illuminates your financial affairs and you get carried away by the seriousness that infuses you. Your motivation is growing, there are positive action and benefits and if you need any help, you can ask your contacts.

You can say that nothing seems impossible. You benefit from the different skills you need to succeed in everything you do, so don’t fall asleep!

Artists and creators are the favourite Gemini for the stars and the sky crowns their inspiration with a generous visit of the muses.

This way you’ll be a visionary in your various activities. The calm and productive atmosphere adapts both to your temperament and your interests.


You are brave, determined and tenacious, and this is very good. Now, think about how excessive effort shortens the path you walk, since you may feel exhausted or depressed as the days progress.

A meditation session will be welcome to replenish your energy and enjoy the excellent atmosphere in all aspects of your life and if you do it in a natural environment, so much better!

Flee, if you can, from the polluted environments of the city, breathe the fresh country air. Activities with animals will be good for your mental health, so walk your dog through the forest or go for a horse ride!