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Time's running out against you. Even if your relationship is fine and dandy, your partner would love to have kids, but you're not entirely convinced because you know it would be just more responsibility, and money's another opposing factor.

Think twice before making any final choice and try to be as clear as you possibly can with your partner. Stay firm on what you do, because if you choose to change your mind later on, you'd look like liars.

It's time to make your relationship fully solid, but you're also afraid of everything you've got ahead of you. You know you'll have to sacrifice a lot if you want to be married and have children of your own.

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Why do you complain so much about not having enough money? There's people around you who are doing much worse and they never complain about it.

Geminis, it's obvious that you're currently living beyond budget, because you spend much more money than what you make every month, so you can't go on with this situation much longer.

Actually, with a good job and a comfortable life, you shouldn't have these much problems to make it every month. Before you purchase anything else, you should think about whether it's actually worth it to spend that much money. Don't let impulse be your guide.


Your health is just fine, and you'll even join a gym, despite the fact that you don't need it. Just like you, there's many people who enjoy exercising.

You know how to control your diet, and if you go too far with food, you can always make it up at night. However, you know that the least you step into restaurants, the less risk you'll have of gaining weight. You'd rather eat at home because you cook without too much fat and with natural ingredients.