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Taunting from people around you might make you embrace negative feelings that will darken your soul. The search for light could have an easier footpath if you try to fill your spirits with positive emotions and practice having good relationships with others.

Introducing yourselves to others with a smile even if everything's against you is a sign of kindness and generosity that improves the lives of others and perfects your personality. Trying to understand others and tending to their needs before worrying about your own is quite a good defense against selfishness.

Empathy, solidarity, generosity and compassion are getting less and less usual to see, but Geminis, you should try to develop them and make them the ultimate form of resistance against perversion.


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For this Tuesday, January 8th, the stars forecast that there's new income and important financial profit for Geminis who are trying to sell estate, sign contracts or receive an inheritance. Vibrations are working in your favour.

Whatever trials you have going on, or trying to get moving in order to protect your assets or claim your part in a pre-sale will go on your favour, because the stars' influence places your ruling planet in a predominant position when it comes to financial profit.

As far as work is concerned, these days Geminis will feel insecure, and that can make vulnerability and sensitivity skyrocket. Right now, your main priority is to stay calm and collected.


Acupuncture is an Eastern medicinal technique that soothes down anxiety and stress. That's its most well-known function, but you might be surprised to find out that it has many benefits to give you. This is a proven technique that actually works, which you should always use as a complement to other therapies.

Acupuncture stimulates certain areas of your body through nails, and it is recognised as a useful therapy by the World Health Organisation to treat at least 49 illnesses. It's never a final replacement for medication, but it does help ease some symptoms.

At a stage where you feel overwhelmed and anguished, and also affected by certain illnesses that take a toll on your physical and mental state, it's time to try out these Eastern therapies.