Gemini Daily Horoscope for June 8

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You’re tired of always taking a chance on love and not finding someone who loves you back. The person you have by your side doesn’t seem to understand your needs and you’re distancing yourself more and more.

The influence of Neptune on your sign will stir the past and maybe that doesn’t suit you either. The appearance of old partners can create a kind of confusion in you that would make you have even more doubts about your current relationship. There are rituals to put an end that forbidden love Gemini.

You’re so involved in your career that you may have not visited your closest family members for a while. Calling them from time to time isn’t enough, you should also dedicate a few minutes a day to finding out how they’re doing.


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Certain problems that have nothing to do with you will end up influencing your work, so be careful so you don’t get surprises. The relationship between your superiors and your colleagues may end up triggering a strike, but you shouldn’t be neutral in this conflict. That’s a good way of earning enemies on both sides.

When it comes to lending money, you’ll give any excuse not to do it. From experience, you know that there are people who have a hard time giving it back, so you aren’t willing to lose it. Right now you prefer to spend it on something you need.

Making the most of your abilities to study and learn new knowledge, you plan to sign up for a course, which can be very useful in the future to find a new job.


You should watch what you eat before meals. It’s normal for you to be hungry at lunchtime and dinner. Instead of having sugary or fatty snacks, you should have some fruit, as this won’t make you lose your appetite.

When exercising, use appropriate and comfortable shoes. Otherwise, you’ll end up with discomfort and chafing that would leave you in pain for a few days.

You think a lot about things, which can overwhelm you excessively, creating episodes of anxiety. Try not to take things out of proportion and relax with the activities that give you pleasure.