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There's only one person who brings out the worst in you, and it's someone in your family. Someone whom you love dearly, but who isn't precisely the most tactful when trying to say things and get their point across.

That's why today you'll be slightly distant and won't feel like socialising with anyone. You shouldn't make everyone pay just because one person is being mean or rough to you.

Don't get mad at your partner or make them responsible for the entire thing. They're not to blame at all. They just want you to talk to them openly and let it all out. Once you're done, you'll feel so much more free and you'll probably start seeing trouble more optimistically. As a token of appreciation, you could write them some endearing love quotes.


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With no good training, you won't be able to go too far at work. Even if your position is decent enough, you'll need to keep studying and taking courses so that you're not left behind. There's people stepping on your trail already.

You should never close doors to your progress, and any new knowledge you bring into your CV that's connected to new technologies will allow you to give a big push to your career.

You know that all the money you spend on training will allow you to reap many rewards in the future. It's all a matter of patience.


Geminis, you feel on top of the world on the outside, but that's no reason to skip your regular medical check-up. All tests done will be useful to rule out possible serious ailments.

In case there's something important found, you would get sent to a specialist, but you can rest assured. The results will do nothing but give you the thumbs up. You can feel at ease.

However, you still have your dentist visit as well. There's a tooth that's been annoying you for quite a while and you're putting off your visit because you're afraid. The sooner it gets checked, the better for you.