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Feelings in relationships are strong and mutual: you’ll notice that everything good you give to your better half comes back to you, sometimes multiplied by two. You know how to channel good energies and it won’t be hard to make happiness a normal thing.

Kisses and caresses are the fuel of your personal engine and in spite of that, you’ll embrace any hint towards change. The goals you fight for are very worthwhile, don’t even think about giving up!

Single or divorced Gemini natives notice how they have a strong desire for changeand fulfilment, but will try to hide, pretending that they’re just fine.

You may be popular wherever you go and this will help you meet new people, but none of them will give you, in principle, what you’re looking for in love.

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You feel quite free to think about your material future. You’ll think only of yourself and you won’t want to give anyone any explanations. You’ll build great projects, with the aim of achieving stability, illuminated by clarity and seriousness.

Regarding your family’s financial problems, you feel at the epicentre of the matter and you’ll have to get involved in some way. Standing idly by and pretending that everything will take care of itself isn’t going to work.

Celestial transits enliven your working life and stimulate your relationships at work. You will be very good at teamwork, since you’ll be a magnificent accomplice who’s capable of sharing constructive moments, Gemini.


It’s a day of great physical activity. You’ll know your body better. You’ll listen to it more when it tells you that something isn’t going well and you could start new habits that improve your well-being Gemini.

In the same way, you can go to the gym you always pay for but never pay a visit to. In any case, there are good waves to catch today.

Your biggest sin? It will be the gluttony. You would sell your soul to the Prince of Darkness in order to binge on junk food if he assured you that you wouldn’t gain any weight.