Gemini Daily Horoscope for September 8

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You'll have an uncomfortable role today regarding your love life, since your partner will collide head-on with people you love, such as your friends or your family.

Political issues, a different view on business or simply a lack of compatibility will dynamite what in principle looked like an ideal Sunday.

You'll have to find a formula to support your partner without neglecting your loved ones. It won't be easy, but also not impossible if you manage to maintain an objective and honest point of view.

The desire to live intensely can lead single people to call their ex-partner, although the probability of achieving a successful relationship is tiny.

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There are some secrets related to money that come to light, Gemini, such as debts that you haven't been told about or things that you thought belonged to your family but that haven't for years now.

Your attitude won't focus on regretting your problems but building back your energy to start fighting like a lion from tomorrow. There's no other way!

In addition, Magic Horoscope will help you with a few strokes of luck to reduce the drama.


Finish the week with the freedom to eat what you want in moderating and living life calmly. Enjoy yourself but promise that from tomorrow, you'll take better care of yourself, Gemini.

You have the feeling that diets, sports plans and activities in general that benefit your health can only start on Mondays, so go ahead, but be true to your word!

Go to a nutrition expert who can design a diet that fits your tastes and needs if you want to lose some weight: don't let the press and Hollywood stars influence you.