Gemini Daily Horoscope for April 9

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You have an aura of peace and calmness. That translates into a good atmosphere in your relationship. You flee from arguments and you’ll always try to find a peaceful solution to conflicts.

The astral influence will cause singles to meet up with a person from the past. Now it’s your turn to show if you’ve actually learnt anything from mistakes. You don’t want to suffer again like before.

You already know that you don’t always fall in love with the ideal person, but when someone says something nice you end up surrendering into their arms.

From time to time, you should listen to the advice of your closest relatives, they don’t want you to suffer again.


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You have a certain obsession with saving, worrying excessively about the future. Gemini, from time to time you also have to enjoy the present. How long has it been since you last treated yourself to something? Do it now and renew your wardrobe or go out to dinner.

You can’t be thinking about work all day. You have the impression that without your work the company could never work, but it’s not actually like that. No one is irreplaceable anywhere. Find some time to do some exercise or go to social events.

Those who do jobs that are related to trade are very involved with their business and spend more than 10 hours working. If your revenue is enough, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of hiring an employee to help you. Surely someone who’s close to you has the right skills to work with you.

You begin to realise that you need to delegate certain activities to others.


You’re always looking at your phone and from time to time, it would be good to disconnect. When you spend a couple of hours without the device, you’ll discover that you can also be happy without technology.

You go from home to work and from work home. You barely talk to anyone and sometimes, you need to talk about your problems with someone. Find someone you trust to listen to you.

Many people give you their health advice, but just listen to your doctor.