Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Your daily life is rewarding, your environment is favourable and sustained interests keep you up to date without much effort.

However, some natives of Gemini will feel very bored if they notice that the person with whom they hold nice conversations only puts meeting up off, perhaps because of cowardice to open their heart to love or is it that they have something to hide?

In your relationship, you’ll notice how your partner goes out of their way to fulfill your wishes. You can ask for what you want, without having to worry. You’ll see how far you can make what you fantasise about in silence come true.

Pay attention to the elderly in your family, who need help, and above all, much love. Try to give some joy to your father, your grandmother or to whom it may concern.


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The opportunities are waiting for you if you’re adaptable and versatile in your career. This is a blessed day especially for salespeople, who’ll be eloquent and persuasive.

The arts and crafts will respond to the interest of an audience or clientèle rather than to the creator’s concerns, and this will frustrate you a bit.

Learn to enjoy what life puts in front of you and don’t forget the financial perspective, something that is sometimes forgotten among creators thinking that they are at least doing what they like. Because your bills or your mortgage can’t be paid with sculptures or poems, only with money!


It’s a good day to try new sports and physical activities, even those that you would have never imagined.

However, remember that each person is different and that age greatly influences our capacity for such things. Find a level that fits your fitness. It’s better to start slowly and then progress.

If you have a serious health problem, don’t fall into the hands of people who offer you alternative therapies, as they could be playing with your despair (while they fix their eyes on your savings). Don’t let people fool you!