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This Wednesday, the stars are giving you a sense of transcendent thinking that makes you more open to esoteric experiences, magic and mysticism, which force you to think about existential doubts that get you closer to religious and philosophical reflections.

Being more philosophical will help you make issues relative and find out about what's most important and essential, to which you need to be very attentive and careful. Aside from being quite prone to thinking, you'll access certain answers on relevant life questions more easily.

This could be quite an emotionally productive day to set your feelings straight and find new enlightened, hopeful ways.


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Debts and losses are threatening the stability of Geminian finances. This is an increasingly consolidated trend which could have unexpected consequences today. Watch your spending and avoid losses.

It'll be quite useful if you can ask your most trusted acquaintances for help, and use friendship as your tool to get out of some sticky situations. Financially speaking, some good advice could be the breather you need in stressing times.

The stars' prediction also encourages to explore paths you'd ruled out because you thought they were strange and not that productive. That spot you thought was dark and dim couldn't be more greener in the long run.


Bad influences might have a fatal attraction on you this Wednesday, and cosmic energies take Mercurian natives towards the space of temptation and loss of control. Consequences could be dire: the loss of your physical and mental balance.

For instance, if you're trying to quit smoking or working hard to give up on certain addictions and foul habits, today's a critical day. This prediction is a tool to help you come to terms with what's going on, and to get stronger resolutions.

Another star recommendation: reduce (or get completely rid of) salt in your means. You urgently need to get your blood pressure back on track.