Gemini Daily Horoscope |




You’ll have to be very patient, whether you have a partner or live on your own. You’ll wait all the time you need to wait to find your soulmate, although sometimes you get impatient.

In any case, although you suffer a lot inside, you try to look calm so that the people around you don’t worry.

Do you know what Magic Horoscope recommends? Try to show yourself naturally, without hiding your feelings. When you can talk with a family member, you may feel more liberated, taking a burden off your shoulders.

If you’ve had a partner for a long time, you can’t spend all day putting them to the test. They don’t have to show you their love every ten minutes.


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Gemini, in your work environment there’ll be an altercation that will force you to do something. Although you always choose to be discreet, now you can’t bite your tongue and you’ll communicate your opinion without doubts, knowing that you’ll cause a lot of damage to some people.

The support of Venus will make you more daring, defending each argument that you expose with proof. That’ll make you feel very sure, without hardly giving others the right to reply.

If you have to go to the doctor to get some test done, it’s best to do it on an empty stomach, without eating anything. Otherwise, they would turn you down and you’d have to go back another day to the doctor’s office.


You like to have a glass of wine or a beer when you meet up with friends and during meals. Even if you hear that there’s nothing wrong with drinking a minimum amount of these drinks every day, it’ll always be better for you to drink water.

Sometimes you can overdo it a bit with the amounts, which will cause your head to end up spinning out of control. And the worst of all is that you have to drive or go back to work. You can’t do anything when you’re feeling like that, except get in bed to rest.

When you have to carry something that’s very heavy or bulky, instead of doing it alone, you should ask someone for help.