Gemini Daily Horoscope for May 9

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You can’t forget about that person who has given you the best years of your life. Even if the love between you disappeared, maybe now would be a good time to give them a second chance.

From experience, Gemini, you know that sequels are never good, but nothing bad will happen if you just try. Nostalgia invades you and at certain times you feel too lonely.

After a lot of searching, you might not have found anyone like that person.

Don’t refuse any invitation that comes from your friends. You should never stay at home, especially when you’re so sad. Whenever you surround yourself with good people you find you’re very comfortable.


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You’re too perfectionist, who doesn’t allow any mistakes at work, so you’ll be just as demanding with certain colleagues, who’ll do just enough to complete the process and go home.

You’re not at all like them. You’ll devote every hour you need to finish your projects. Getting involved is a good thing, but you sometimes exceed the time you spend at work, as it ends up affecting your personal life.

With sacrifice and effort, you can overcome the most adverse situations.

You’re willing to lend money to a person you know, but first of all, you have to know if they’ll be able to return it. It’s possible that someone has cheated you in the past and you don’t want the story to repeat itself.


Find somewhere at home where you can enjoy silence and relaxation, where nobody bothers you. You need to start the day with a clear mind. You might still drag some concern from yesterday, but try to move on quickly.

Even if you find you’re very tired, try to go out looking your best so you can feel your best. Take some time to groom and pamper yourself. It’s important that you feel elegant inside and also outside.

So as not to be overwhelmed with messages and calls, you’ll turn your phone off for a few minutes a day.