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Thanks to the good influx of Neptune, people who are in committed relationships will receive new winds that will awaken delights and pleasures.

It’s time to experiment with sex, to tell your partner about your fetishes if you have any or to play erotic games leaving prejudices aside.

You’ll find your married life charming and you wouldn’t change your current situation for all the gold in the world. Your partner speaks your same language today and knows how to respect the freedom you need so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Single Gemini prepares for great beneficial changes in their love lives. Remember that sometimes you have to make those changes happen.

There’s someone out there who can give you lasting happiness, but they won’t show up at your house to ask you out.

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Your finances are going great Gemini. You manage to adapt to the situation optimally. You have a very realistic view of your accounts and you’ll know what you should keep doing and what you shouldn’t.

You want to use your talents, your creativity is supported by the stars and you’ll know how to enjoy what life gives you. You may end up exhausted, but the results will be worth it.

The style in which you manage your accounts is more discreet. You have good contacts, you know how to do things well, but in the end, you do the bare minimum.


Heaven illuminates all your dynamism and gives you an impressive charisma. You feel a strong desire to do activities that lead you to enjoy yourself and have fun today. You’ll fully enjoy the present moment, leaving some time to do what you like.

Intuition replaces knowledge regarding some aspects of your health and you’ll know if something goes wrong in your body thanks to a newly discovered sixth sense.