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Your selfish, childish take on the relationship could bring arguments and even break-ups. On these first months of 2019, you should remember that the most important thing in a relationship is to give up your ambitions and build up a project in common. On April and May you're entering a recession stage that will come back stronger in August and September. There's more commitment coming, and even important news, such as a wedding or pregnancy, that take you to a safer, happier place.

It's a year of intense passions and plenty of love for Geminis. If you're single, this is your year, but you have to face the battle of love more seriously, and to try and find someone that not only attracts you, but also fulfills you.


Between May and September, Geminis, you might sort out deep-rooted issues with family and friends, but in order to do that you need to stop being proud and working on your generosity skills. The stars predict that you'll restore any relationships that might have broken.

It's also a year to take care of your loved ones. Put other responsibilities aside and focus on what really matters, because your environment demands more generosity and lots of love.


Generally, it'll be a productive year because you'll reach that longed-for stability after a slightly unsteady 2018. But watch out, Geminis; that doesn't mean you can relax and get yourselves some treats. Quite the opposite! It's taken you so much effort to get here, that now you should be disciplined and coherent. Your main priorities are analysing your finances, making sure your income gets higher, and that your expenses get lower.

Pay attention: good luck in gambling and investments will come hand in hand for you from July to October, so be careful the rest of the year. The first four months are perfect to sell estate. And watch out for scams if you're purchasing a costly item.

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The career line shows a very steep downward curve that goes from a few first months in 2019 filled with success, workload and satisfaction, to a break in the summer months that changes that track and brings you into a very difficult fall and winter.

You should remember, however, that the stars don't decide what's going to happen; they simply give you orientation and tools to act. You need to face this year like a challenge to work on new skills that make you more versatile and competitive, to be more serious and persistent at work, and to boost your ability to overcome obstacles, your drive and ambition.

For our Gemini friends who are unemployed, the best months for job-hunting are from January to June.


You're entering a stage of recovery for your physical ailments, but the ailments coming with age might take you to undergo an age crisis on the first months of 2019, and you'll worry too much about your looks. Change your mindset and learn to age naturally.

On the other hand, under a general scope, this year there's a transition from headaches to muscle and bone pain, and also to joint issues. But one of the main causes continues to be stress, anxiety and nerves, which also make you sleep worse. All of that is affecting your quality of life, so your main challenge is to work it out through relaxation and meditation.

Exercise will also help you feel better, but as the summer months hit in, there's a higher risk for accidents and fractures, so be very careful.