Gemini Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Friday 13th April

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Making endless promises doesn't make you the perfect father, mother or partner. To be so, you need to stick to them, and within a reasonable time span since you made them.

Actions speak much louder than words, Geminis. Try to stay true to your word about a promise you made to your loved ones a while ago which still hasn't been fulfilled.

What is it? A movie night out? Going to your favourite restaurant for dinner?

It's nothing out of the ordinary, it is completely unexpensive, and you'll be able to bond more intimately by getting out of the house and experiencing beautiful moments together.

Now that we're fulfilling promises, try to go on that visit you agreed to pay to long-distance relatives whom you only meet on weddings or communions. There's probably someone new you haven't met yet.


In an attempt to do your current job better, you've been devoting your time (and money) to get some training and be even more professional in your field of expertise.

Today you'll get a pat on the back from someone who doesn't know, but who has noticed you've certainly improved your skills.

Don't get comfortable and cocky. Take this as a chance to keep working hard and put some efforts to get even better rewards.

You can continue to grow and make more money in the process, but you'll have to keep trying hard and devoting some time.


This April 13th you need to show great mental strength, and to make it greater than ever before, Geminis.

According to the stars in the Magic Horoscope, someone will try to influence you into doing something nasty for you, both for your health and finances.

Their message, halfway between a promise and a threat, will require you to get involved in something you didn't know about which is important to you.

Don't accept any of those proposals and keep your head very cool.