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Sometimes you feel that the bad schedule combination between you and your partner becomes an issue.

You've got jobs with mismatched timetables, aside from your own responsibillities to family or friends. And if you live together, you should add house chores to the mix, which you do when the other person isn't around.

You're totally right in thinking it isn't easy, but you won't stop working and making money just to see each other more, right?

What you need to do this Wednesday is plan ahead based on your next shared day off, and organise something special to share all the special, magical moments you deserve.


Your phone's making you crazy. When your boss isn't calling, it's a workmate who needs remote assistance, or your mother asking you how you're doing and whether you're busy or not.

Meanwhile, your duties for the day and responsibilities still aren't done because of the darn phone. Because it will also let you know when someone gave you a comment on your social networks, and that there's a new offer in a shopping app you've got.

In order for this Wednesday to not feel long bordering on eternal, put the phone away in a drawer and only answer back if it's a continuous call, signaling that someone really needs to talk to you.

By not checking it every single time you'll find yourself with some time off. Although not too much time off, of course.


To top your day off, stars in the Magic Horoscope signal you'll be experiencing stomach pains, probably related to gas or bloating.

Aside from watching what you eat and eating foods like fish, eggplant, zucchini or pumpkin (which are good to fight back gas) do some exercise.

Swimming is particularly good at preventing these pains; it is also a very complete sport with many benefits for your body.